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the best movie secual i know!

ok first of sorry i haven’t posted even tho i probs don’t have anyone who cares but any way i shell tell you why twilight is the best. if you like moves with lots of romance then these are the moves for you there are five movies which are called twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn part 1 and breaking dawn part 2 all in order i love all the moves and i will tell you what each of the moves are about starting with the first one,

twilight, this movie is about a girl who moves to a town called forks with her dad and she hasn’t been to forks since she was around 4 and the introduction of all the characters and Bella swans curiosity to Edward cullen and a little of the other cullens and sorry but spollier Edward and Bella get together but anyway Jacob the wolf docent like that because Edward is a vampire and wolf and vampires mixed are like water and electricity witch is a bad thing don’t try that mix fare warning.

all the main carictors in this movie,  Bella swan (nothing speshal), Edward Cullen (vampire), Jacob Black (ware wolf), Charlie (Bella’s dad), Carlo Cullen (doctor/dad/vampire),  Esme Cullen (mum/vampire), Emmett Cullen (brother/vampire), Rosalie Cullen (sister/vampire),  Jasper Cullen (brother/vampire), Allice cullen (sister/vampire) P.S all cullens are family.

New moon, i’m saying all this thinking you’ve seen the first, since Edward is so protective he dicided to leve beacuse hes hurt her in the past movie so all the cullens leve saying they will never come back and this is the move jacobe tranceforms into a ware wolf since he wasent in the first move he dident even knw about it now he can trancefor when ever he likes any way sorrry going off track bella is sad annd loney so yo see montarses of her being sad she has horrible dreams soooooo she starts hanging out with jacoband P.S jacob likes her so he was happy and bella dosent know aboutthe warwolf thing so its wird when jacob starts to act strange with strangth and stuff since at the start of the movie when she first starts to hang out with him hes not a wolf and once he finds out all that jazz about being a ware wolf hes not allawed to talk to bella any more and bella ha the same thing with Edward so shes sad again but dont want to tell you every thing so go whath the movie to find out more about the movie


P.S thats all the movies im sharing about because i dont want to spoill the twilight saga so go whatch the move if yu found this interensting considering i probs was bad at makeing it sound like a good movie.




OMG!! I love the twilight movies. That's why we besties!!! we have a fare bit in common

17th Apr, 19

advice to everyone reading these comments. Watch the twilight saga movies because they are absoloutly amazing and you will regret not watching them. P.S be sure to check out my block -fairytalequeenxx

17th Apr, 19