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caring for your guinea pigs must knows

the first thing you should know about caring  for a guinea pig is they need to have a friend so if you cant have to don’t have any because they need friends they keep each other healthy and active and guinea pigs get lonely they may even get depressed. big space they need big space of if they cant have lots of space then you need to give them floor time witch is when you let them run around for a wile. you also need to give them fruit and veggies it sounds stupid but they need the nutrients you also should give them pellets and plenty of water. those are the most need things that i know of so if your planing on getting a guinea pig please use this as help because if i was tolled this before my last 4 guinea pigs died and me and mum had to learn the hard way so please use this as help so your guinea pigs don’t die like mine did





hi guys hope this is helpful👌love you:)😊

29th May, 19

Yeah, I knew all this already, but I could need a reminder every now and then. I have owned four guinea pigs, and three of them died. One of them got squashed at the back of her enclosure, and the dog murdered the first two... somehow.

30th May, 19

oh thats so sad:(

31st May, 19